Meet the Team

James Stone, Founder/CEO

James is an avid gamer and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of tabletop games. He is the lead designer and developer for Stone Bones. Born in 1990, he grew up right as Pokemon, Pogs, and every other collectible craze hit U.S. shores and was swept along into the deep, dark caverns of nerd-dom, never to emerge again.  A highly excitable dork with a passion for British humour and bad memes, he spends most of his free time starting (and never finishing) exploratory game projects, playing wizard cards, and 'conscripting' local gamers to playtest whatever weirdness he's currently working on.

Michael Lin, Founder/CFO

Michael, or as literally no-one calls him, “Money Mike”, is the business end of Stone Bones and mainly deals with the less glamorous aspects of running a small company. Even though he is an avid gamer and just overall just a huge nerd in his free time, he is often occupied with yet another side hustle in the never-ending quest of paper chasing. He can be best described as a super nerd trapped in the body on a stereotypical corporate salaryman. When he is not reading up on the latest changes in tax law, he is thinking of new game ideas for an upcoming project or relaxing at home with a serious gaming session.

Andrew Swainson, Lead Art Director

In middle ground where the combination of geek and nerd flows you will have what we call an Andrew. As a wee babe, he showed an instant proclivity towards the fantasy, adventure, challenges, and battlegrounds within video games and tabletop games. Now a full grown adult, nothing has changed except for an increase of appreciation for the creativity found in the arts and their artisans... plus having the artistic talent to back it up! This super hip high school teacher is happy to kick back and think up his next ceramic or pen ink project or contemplate the next counter move to crush his wife at the next tabletop game night they have.