Players: 3 to 6          Play Time: 20 - 40 Minutes          Ages: 12 and Up

Lead Designer: James Stone

Co-Designer: Michael Lin

Artwork: Andrew Swainson

The king has gone mad! Well, madder... He's throwing people into the dungeon left and right to try to uncover the conspiracy to unseat him that surely exists. As his favored crew of dungeon keepers, torturers, and psychopaths, your job is to turn the screws on these unfortunate folk and get them to confess. The best torturer will be awarded the title of head warden, and the rest...well, best not to think about it. Talk, You Fiend! is an easy-to-learn blind auction trick-taking game for three to six people, with an average play time of thirty to forty-five minutes. Apply a bit of pressure (or a lot, we won't judge) and outsmart your fellow jailers to score prisoners and leave your opponents with the stinging shame of failure. Collect sets of prisoners to score bonus points, avoid shame and demotion, and 'gift' your friends with the worst known liars in the kingdom. Talk, You Fiend! is a tortuously fun time for ages ten and up!